Ambiguities in the Online Modification of TiKV Configuration Documentation

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Original topic: 在线修改 TiKV 配置文档存在歧义

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    As shown in the red box. If you modify the TiKV configuration items online, the TiKV configuration file will be automatically modified. Isn’t this configuration file /tidb-deploy/tikv-20160/conf/tikv.toml?
    After testing and verification, the configuration modified online through the SET command will not be saved to this file. Only the configuration modified through tiup cluster edit-config will be saved to this file.

Should the description here be changed to the following:

After modifying the TiKV configuration items online, the modification takes effect immediately. However, this modification will not automatically modify the TiKV configuration file (tikv.toml), so the modification will be invalid after an upgrade or reload. To avoid the modification becoming invalid after an upgrade or reload, you need to synchronize the configuration items in the TiKV configuration file through tiup cluster edit-config <cluster name>. However, there is no need to execute the tiup cluster reload operation after modification.

Is this more appropriate?

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Take a look at the meta.yaml file under the .tiup directory, and find it.

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This meta.yaml should also be aggregated from various nodes, right?

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It’s not aggregated; it’s managed by tiup. Configuration files in the deployment directory are not allowed to be modified in principle, as changes will be invalidated upon restart.

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I remember that after modifying the parameters using commands, the toml file will be automatically saved. For example, the slow query threshold.

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The issue has been reported. We will update you as soon as there is any progress. Thank you for your feedback.

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I tested it with playground and it does update tikv.toml (set config tikv split.qps-threshold=1000).

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