Are there dedicated training courses for TiDB Cloud? Can TiDB Cloud still be used for free now?

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Original topic: TiDB cloud 有专门的培训课程吗?现在还能不能免费用TiDB Cloud ?

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Does TiDB Cloud have dedicated training courses? I couldn’t find any. Can TiDB Cloud still be used for free now?

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You have a usage quota of 5GB for 5 clusters!

You can check it out!

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TiDB Cloud can be tried for free, but it seems to be single-node and does not support disaster recovery and other features.

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Is there a detailed explanation?

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It’s not possible to deploy TiDB on a single node, right? TiDB requires at least seven nodes.

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There is a video introduction on creating and managing connections for TiDB Cloud clusters at this link:

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At minimum, 1 PD, 1 TiDB, and 1 TiKV. My workstation’s virtual machine is running the minimum setup for some testing purposes.

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I see that the course mentions at least 3 TiKV nodes. Is it possible to have just one?

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I saw in the course that it mentions at least 3 PDs and 3 TiKVs. I was wondering how to set up so many nodes on my virtual machine.

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Okay, thank you.

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Developer Tier
The Developer Tier is an experimental and free cluster tier that provides 1 TiDB Server, 1 TiKV, and 1 TiFlash. An account can only create one Developer Tier cluster, which is valid for one year and needs to be recreated upon expiration.
The Developer Tier includes:
1 shared TiDB node
1 shared TiKV node (with 10GB of OLTP storage space)
1 shared TiFlash node (with 10GB of OLAP storage space)
This means…
Developer Tier clusters run on shared nodes
Shared nodes may reduce performance
One TiDB Cloud account can use one Developer Tier cluster, valid for one year
You can delete and recreate a cluster multiple times as needed
The one-year free trial period starts from the date of the first Developer Tier cluster
Other considerations:
Due to the node limitations of the Developer Tier, it cannot meet high availability requirements
VPC (Virtual Private Network) cannot be used
Cluster backups in the recycle bin are limited (one automatic backup per day and two manual backups)
Dedicated Tier
Dedicated for production use, with the advantages of cross-region high availability, horizontal scaling, and HTAP
Easily define the cluster size of TiDB, TiKV, and TiFlash according to business needs
For each TiKV node and TiFlash node, the data on the nodes will be replicated and distributed to different availability zones to achieve high availability
To create a Dedicated Tier cluster, you need to add a payment method or apply for a proof of concept (PoC) trial

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A single TiKV is fine, refer to TiDB 数据库快速上手指南 | PingCAP 文档中心
I am running a single virtual machine deployment on my laptop.

1 PD, 1 TiKV, 1 TiDB, just change the deployment configuration file like this. The memory should preferably not be less than 10G.

# # Global variables are applied to all deployments and used as the default value of
# # the deployments if a specific deployment value is missing.
 user: "tidb"
 ssh_port: 22
 deploy_dir: "/tidb-deploy"
 data_dir: "/tidb-data"

# # Monitored variables are applied to all the machines.
 node_exporter_port: 9100
 blackbox_exporter_port: 9115

   instance.tidb_slow_log_threshold: 300
 tikv: false
   readpool.coprocessor.use-unified-pool: true
   replication.enable-placement-rules: true
   replication.location-labels: ["host"]

 - host:

 - host:

 - host:
   port: 20160
   status_port: 20180
     server.labels: { host: "logic-host-1" }

 - host:

 - host:
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OK, let me try.

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You misunderstood. When I mentioned a single node, I was referring to the number of deployments for each component. If you deploy one instance each of TiDB, TiKV, and PD, that’s a single node. Also, there’s no requirement for TiDB to have at least 7 nodes.

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For more information, you can refer to the TiDB Cloud documentation:

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I saw that there were questions about TiDB Cloud in the test, but I couldn’t find it covered in the course.

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