Audit Related: Which Table or Monitoring Page in TiDB Records the User's Last Login Time

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Original topic: 审计相关:tidb哪个表或者监控页面记录了user最后登陆时间

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As mentioned, where is the user’s last login time and the last password change time recorded?

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This is a MySQL query method, you can refer to it.

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Which version of MySQL and what is the table structure like?

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user_logins, the specific version is related to the underlying MySQL version.

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In TiDB 7.5, you can still check the last password change time using the query above, but I couldn’t find the last login time.

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Did not find the related table.

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You can check the log page, this might be able to filter it out.

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There is no last login time.

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We haven’t found this either.

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TiDB doesn’t have this feature for now, but there might be a workaround. You can enable the audit plugin and analyze the audit logs. Alternatively, using middleware like TiDB Proxy should record the user’s connection and disconnection times.

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Which version of MySQL has the user_logins table?

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mysql.user has a record of the last modification time, but there is no record of the last login time.

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What the heck, isn’t this the password change time? It has nothing to do with whether the user logs in or not.

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The community edition cannot be queried directly, but you can enable logging and then query. The enterprise edition should be able to.