Backup Error in BR Cluster

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Original topic: br 集群备份报错

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Error: error happened in store 150308686 at File or directory not found on TiKV Node (store id: 150308686). Workaround: please ensure BR and TiKV nodes share the same storage and the user of BR and TiKV has the same UID.: [BR:KV:ErrKVStorage] TiKV storage encountered an I/O error

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Did you back up to a local directory? It looks like the directory is not present on the TiKV with store id: 150308686.

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The error message is very clear.
The file or directory (storage id: 150308686) cannot be found on the TiKV node. Solution: Please ensure that BR and TiKV nodes share the same storage, and that the users of BR and TiKV have the same UID.

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For BR backups, it’s best to mount NFS or S3 storage to centralize the data.

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Buddy, the directory is not appropriate.

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Directory not found

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When backing up to the local environment, each TiKV only backs up the data of its own node. Each TiKV node should have the relevant directory (create it if it doesn’t exist) and it must have read and write permissions set to 777.

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File or directory not found on TiKV

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Directory, permissions, and other issues