Backup failed but cannot be canceled, subsequent backups are also in wait state

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Original topic: backup 失败却无法cancel掉,后续的backup也处于wait状态。

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Initially, the error occurred because there were already files in the backup directory. After deleting the files and attempting to back up again, it remained in a wait state. Using show backups, I tried to cancel all these backups, but it also failed.

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When backing up, check permissions and whether the directory is empty (usually set to a directory in the format of the time command). Also, why not use BR?

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It’s NFS, and all clients can write. The directory has been checked to be empty.
We have to learn both backup methods… :sweat_smile:

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SHOW PROCESSLIST; Check if the window where you executed the command is closed.

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Check the documentation, it’s a persistent connection. Try killing TiDB {ID}.

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Try restarting the tidb-server node…

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This method is brutally effective.

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