Backup Schedule Runs Unsteadily

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Original topic: backup schedule运行不稳定

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[Test Environment] Testing environment
[TiDB Version] v7.1.0. Operator version is 1.4.6
[Reproduction Path] Create a TiDB cluster in a k8s environment using tc resources, then modify the backup schedule time
[Encountered Issues: Symptoms and Impact]
After modifying the backup schedule time, sometimes a backup task is generated, and sometimes no backup task is generated.

  1. Why does modifying the backup schedule time sometimes generate a backup task?
  2. Why does it sometimes generate a backup task and sometimes not?
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You can see the backup process on the dashboard Grafana. If TiKV OOMs, the backup will stop. Check the reason.

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It should not be this issue, all TiKV pods are running normally.

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This issue sometimes generates backups and sometimes does not, so it seems to be caused by the triggering mechanism.

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Check if it is caused by insufficient memory (OOM).

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Passing by, learning.

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Learned a lot, thank you for sharing.