Better to generate more API-keys OR request more quota?

The TiDB Cloud API allows up to 100 requests per minute per API key… …For more quota, you can submit a request to contact our support team.

  1. I expect 10 requests/sec or 600 requests per minute per app. So, is it better to generate & load-balance 6 API keys OR “submit a request” for increase in requests/minute/API-key ?
  2. Is there a limit to the number of API keys generated for Serverless Free-tier ?

I’m sorry, but this question doesn’t seem to be related to TiDB. I suggest you consult a relevant expert or do some research on the topic.

I will reach out to the team and get back to you.

  1. We are working on Rate-limit customization feature which will allow users to set their own limits for API key up to a max of 1000 rpm.

  2. One app can have at most 100 api keys.

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