BR Backup Did Not Generate Backupmeta File

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Original topic: br备份没有生成backupmeta文件

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During TiDB backup, the backupmeta file was not generated. TiKV is on four machines, and the backup files are approximately 2TB.
The backup script is as follows:
br backup full --pd “ip:2379” --storage “local:///data/tidbbackup/date +%Y%m%d” --log-file date +%Y%m%d-backup.log
The last few lines of the backup log are as follows:

I wonder if any experts have encountered this before.
By the way:
I set up an identical environment, including the TiDB version and BR version. The test environment has no data, and the backup has no issues, with a backupmeta file generated.

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I feel like the backup still wasn’t successful.

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Try again