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| username: Zhou_Ming

May I ask why the BR command is not recognized when I enter the BR command in the command line after using TIUP INSTALL BR?

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Did you follow the backup instructions here? Is the current cluster version v6.2.0?执行日志备份

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After unzipping the tool package, there is an executable file inside. You can run it directly.

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The image is not visible. Please provide the text content that needs to be translated.

| username: lonng | Original post link

What is the output? In theory, tiup br should automatically install and execute.

| username: wisdom | Original post link

What is the result?

| username: gary | Original post link

What does tiup br --help prompt? If that doesn’t work, you can directly extract the br.tar.gz package and execute it directly.

| username: alfred | Original post link

Have you configured the environment variables?

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