Breaking Down Document Downloads

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Original topic: 文档下载化整为零

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The official website documentation has thousands of pages. Although the structure is clear and does not affect reading, it feels too cumbersome. If it were divided into several smaller documents, it would be more effective for readers. It’s like running a marathon; setting several small goals and achieving them one by one yields better results and better performance.

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The official documentation does not require a VPN. It is recommended to browse online to get the latest information.

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I feel that PDFs don’t look good. On the intranet, you can download the source code and use tools like VSCode to view it. Let’s wait for everyone’s good methods.

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Directly clone the entire git repository and feed it to the large model :thinking:

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:+1: :+1:

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Tree mode will be very good.

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Sometimes I still don’t understand :rofl: