Can DM share monitoring_servers with the TiDB cluster?

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Original topic: DM可以和TiDB集群共享monitoring_servers吗

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The TiDB cluster has already deployed monitoring_servers, grafana_servers, and alertmanager_servers. The data volume is not large, and DM is used to migrate data from MySQL. The DM deployment template also includes monitoring_servers, grafana_servers, and alertmanager_servers. Can they share the same set as the TiDB cluster? Thank you.

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Sure, you can configure it on Prometheus. Additionally, deploying DM with TiUP should automatically merge it into a single Prometheus + Grafana + Alertmanager setup.

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Remember to configure ignore_exporter for all hosts in DM topo.yaml.

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You use and manage the cluster with the same tiup to deploy dm, and their Prometheus Grafana is shared, the same set.

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First, when deploying the DM cluster, remember to note that by default, node_exporter and blackbox_exporter (these components collect machine load) will not be deployed. You need to manually specify the ports (if mixed deployment, be careful to separate them from TiDB ports).

# if monitored is set, node_exporter and blackbox_exporter will be
# deployed with the port specified, otherwise they are not deployed
# on the server to avoid conflict with tidb clusters
#  node_exporter_port: 9100
#  blackbox_exporter_port: 9115
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Here is my current configuration. Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager are all reusing existing company components as much as possible. You can refer to it.

- host:
  # Write a copy of the monitoring data to the remote Prometheus (requires remote_write enabled on the remote end). The remote Prometheus will upload historical monitoring data to S3 through the Thanos component for easy historical queries.
    - url:
  # Reuse the company's Alertmanager for easy integration with the existing alert system.
  - host:
    web_port: 80
  # Since the monitoring information is written to the remote end, only 15 days need to be retained locally.
  storage_retention: 15d
  # Facilitate the adjustment of alert rules.
  rule_dir: /root/deploy-config/tidb-config/rules
  # The default instance label is IP, which is not intuitive on the dashboard. Here, it is manually changed to recognizable text.
    - source_labels:
      - __address__
      target_label: target
    - regex:*)
      replacement: tikv6-sata-e001:$1
      - __address__
      target_label: instance
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Got it all, thank you everyone!

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Master, how exactly do you do this? I tried specifying DM and TiDB’s agreed Prometheus Grafana, but in the end, DM directly overwrote TiDB’s.

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