Can I delete the 200GB alert storage file in TiDB?

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Original topic: tidb的报警存储200g文件 我能删除吗

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Monitoring reports disk full.
du: cannot read directory ‘prometheu’: Permission denied
0 prometheu
218G prometheus-9090
229G tikv-20160
[dbadmin@zy-tw-zf-k8s-uat-dbvm-tikv01 data]$

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The Prometheus folder should contain monitoring data, and it is not recommended to delete it directly. You might consider adjusting the retention period.

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:joy: I just delete them directly.

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May I ask which command sets the retention period?

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Try using tiup cluster edit-config to modify the storage_retention configuration. The default should be 30 days.

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In the Prometheus startup script, there is a setting for the number of days to retain logs. I have tried directly modifying the script and then killing the Prometheus process, which can change the log retention duration.

Log location: /tidb-deploy/prometheus-9090/scripts/
Parameter: --storage.tsdb.retention=“30d”
After manually killing the process, the system will automatically restart Prometheus.

Official documentation:
TiDB Monitoring FAQ | PingCAP Documentation Center