Can the DM synchronization tool synchronize MySQL-MySQL or TiDB-TiDB?

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Original topic: DM同步工具可以同步mysql-mysql 或者tidb-tidb吗?

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Can the DM tool synchronize MySQL to MySQL and TiDB to TiDB with the same source and target databases?
I want to migrate historical data to the local data center, thinking of using the DM tool for real-time synchronization, then delete historical data from the source, and filter out DELETE operations through the local DM to achieve the goal. I have only done and know that DM is for MySQL to TiDB synchronization. Can it work with the same databases on both ends?

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TiDB Data Migration (DM) is a convenient data migration tool that supports full data migration and incremental data synchronization from databases compatible with the MySQL protocol (MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora MySQL) [upstream] to TiDB [downstream]. Using the DM tool helps simplify the data migration process and reduce data migration operation and maintenance costs.

For MySQL synchronization, using binlog is sufficient... 
For more advanced needs, you can use canal to receive events for custom processing, or handle it through Flink CDC.
For TiDB to TiDB, there is an official solution, TiCDC.

Please refer to...
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I looked at the official CDC documentation and didn’t see that it supports filtering delete operations.

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Yes, you need to check the configuration file.

Refer to this:

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Okay, thank you. I’ll give it a try and see the results.

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TiDB to TiDB is possible, you can refer to However, DM for MySQL to MySQL is not possible, as DM’s downstream database is TiDB. But you can try converting by generating SQL or CSV files to see if you can synchronize between two MySQL databases.

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Is it necessary to use DM for MySQL to MySQL? Use CloudCanal instead.

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