Can TiDB be deployed on a minicomputer?

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Original topic: tidb 可以部署再小型机上吗

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.0
[Encountered Problem: Problem Description and Impact] Since the company wants to replace Oracle with TiDB, but previously Oracle was deployed on a minicomputer, I would like to ask if TiDB can be deployed on a minicomputer? Does the original minicomputer need to reinstall the system?

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It should not be supported. By the way, when you guys talk about going to IOE, are you only going to O? Not going to I?

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So the minicomputer is obsolete? Can’t it be used anymore?

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Can I ask why you stopped using Oracle? Isn’t it usually because of policy reasons?

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Well, it’s probably because of this. This is what the leader requested. We won’t ask either.

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If Oracle is not allowed, IBM minicomputers definitely can’t be used either. Moreover, the performance of minicomputers would be wasted on TiDB. If you don’t deploy ten or eight nodes, the resources won’t be fully utilized. However, if you deploy many nodes and the minicomputer encounters an issue, having multiple nodes down would be disastrous for TiDB…

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The official version is not compatible with the small machine.

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The dry ones die of drought, the flooded ones die of flooding.

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Rich and willful :upside_down_face:

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What a waste.

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What’s the point…

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It feels like they are also recycling old resources.

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