CDC Monitoring Status is Incorrect

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[Test Environment for TiDB]
[TiDB Version]
[Reproduction Path]
After enabling two change feeds for synchronization, manually pause the task with ID 38c108c6-3ef0-46c7-8862-a3c63d269ebb, then observe through cdc cli and Grafana monitoring.

  1. Pause the task using cdc cli --pd=localhost:2379 changefeed pause --changefeed-id 38c108c6-3ef0-46c7-8862-a3c63d269ebb
  2. List tasks using cdc cli --pd=localhost:2379 changefeed list
    See that 38c108*** is in stopped status
  3. Query the task using cdc cli --pd=localhost:2379 changefeed query --changefeed-id=38c108c6-3ef0-46c7-8862-a3c63d269ebb
    See that the admin-job-type status is 1 (paused)
  4. See through Grafana monitoring that the status is 3
  5. After deleting 38c108c6-3ef0-46c7-8862-a3c63d269ebb using changefeed remove --changefeed-id 38c108c6-3ef0-46c7-8862-a3c63d269ebb, Grafana still shows data, and the status remains 3

[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
After changing the cdc changefeed to pause or deleting it, Grafana can still collect data for that changefeed, and the status remains 3.
[Resource Configuration]
[Attachments: Screenshots/Logs/Monitoring]

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Status 3 is not a state that can normally receive data.
Looking at your example, showing 3 after deletion is normal, and 1 is not displayed, which should be a monitoring transient issue. If you wait a bit longer, 1 should appear.

After stopping or deleting a changefeed, the task itself still exists, so the status of this changefeed will still be displayed in the monitoring. This is normal. If you want to delete it directly, add --force to force the deletion, and it should be gone.

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Okay, I’ll try again, thank you.

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