Changefeed Task Configuration for Bidirectional Synchronization Reports Primary Key Conflict Error

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Original topic: changefeed任务配置双向同步,报主键冲突错误

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[Reproduction Path] After installing TiDB and configuring bidirectional synchronization, data written to Machine A is synchronized to Machine B. After a period of time, a primary key conflict error is reported, and the data in the table on Machines A and B is inconsistent.
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What is being used as the primary key? Is there any isolation done on the business side?

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  1. Check if bdr-mode = true is enabled.
  2. Check if the data on the peer end exists in advance.
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Why do we need bidirectional synchronization? :joy:

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Check the primary key, update if the data exists, insert if it does not. This logic is determined on the business side. I would like to ask, can ticdc achieve this?