[Chengdu Station Review] TiDB Enters MultiPoint: Hear from Long-time MySQL Users in Internet Product Selection, Consumer Finance, and Overseas Scenarios on Why They Chose TiDB!

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Original topic: 【成都站回顾】TiDB 走进多点,听听互联网选品,消费金融,出海场景下 MySQL 老用户们选择 TiDB 的契机和原因!

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On April 20th, the TiDB community once again visited Chengdu, stepping into DMALL and spending a pleasant afternoon with our long-unseen friends from the Southwest! Thanks to DMALL for providing the venue and afternoon tea for this event! Special thanks to Mr. Guangpu @guangpu for organizing and preparing!

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Feng Guangpu - MySQL is not unusable, why use TiDB.pdf (1.1 MB)
Tang Wanmin - Multi-cloud architecture for overseas expansion _ DMALL TiDB operation and maintenance sharing.pdf (1.6 MB)
Song Rijie - Stability Enhancement - TiDB v8.1.0 LTS Unveiled.pdf (536.1 KB)
Duan Yong - Exploration of TiDB usage practices in consumer finance companies.pdf (1.6 MB)
Zhao Mingzhong - The evolution journey from MySQL to TiDB in the digital product selection scenario of the Internet.pdf (1.6 MB)

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Topic Review

MySQL is not unusable, why choose TiDB?
Speaker: Feng Guangpu, Head of Database Team at DMALL

Mr. Guangpu shared his extensive experience in large-scale TiDB production practices, analyzing TiDB from the perspectives of business scenarios and user benefits. He objectively introduced the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of distributed databases compared to single-machine databases like MySQL, providing practical sharing and usage suggestions for users interested in or considering using TiDB.

User Benefits:

  • Comprehensive understanding of TiDB’s functional positioning compared to MySQL, aiding in selection decisions.
  • Full understanding of the characteristics and pros and cons of distributed databases compared to single-machine databases.
  • Understanding the benefits of using TiDB from the user’s perspective.

TiDB vs MySQL: Practice exploration in high concurrency and cross-center hot standby scenarios in consumer finance companies
Speaker: Duan Yong, DBA at Mashang Consumer Finance, TiDB enthusiast

Mr. Duan shared some issues encountered when using TiDB in a financial company, including practices in high concurrency and multi-active hot standby scenarios. He discussed the advantages of TiDB in horizontal scalability, high availability, and simplifying the data stack compared to MySQL.

User Benefits:

  • Understanding the respective application scenarios and advantages and disadvantages of TiDB and MySQL, providing reference for database selection.

TiDB from 0-1 Application Practice: The evolution journey from MySQL to TiDB in the digital product selection scenario of the Internet industry
Speaker: Zhao Mingzhong, DBA at DatoKe Technology, Database Architect

Mr. Zhao shared the enterprise-level TiDB application practice from 0 to 1. In the era of data explosion, traditional databases often cannot fully meet business needs. He discussed how planning the application of distributed databases in advance can help enterprises achieve technological breakthroughs.

User Benefits:

  • Understanding when to use distributed databases.
  • Why choose TiDB?
  • How to transition from traditional databases to distributed databases.

Overseas + Multi-cloud | DMALL TiDB Operation and Maintenance Practice Sharing
Speaker: Tang Wanmin, Head of Domestic Database at DMALL

Mr. Wanmin shared some issues encountered when deploying and using TiDB in overseas scenarios, including other issues encountered during the practice process. Topics included DMALL’s TiDB journey, database type selection (usage scenarios, solutions), overseas business TiDB deployment architecture selection (cloud, machine types, specifications, etc.), and issues encountered in the multi-cloud architecture TiDB cluster.

User Benefits:

  • Understanding how DMALL used TiDB to solve various business scenarios from scratch, and the practical experiences of overseas and multi-cloud architectures.

Stability Enhancement! TiDB v8.1 LTS New Features Unveiled, Discussing Applicable Scenarios and Future Development Plans
Speaker: Song Rijie, Product Manager at PingCAP

Mr. Song shared the new features and enhancements included in the next LTS version (v8.1.0) of TiDB. He also introduced the main directions currently focused on by TiDB and the key issues to be addressed in subsequent versions.

User Benefits:

  • Understanding the recently released features of TiDB and their applicable scenarios, as well as the product features to be released in the future.

Event Highlights

More event highlight photos: TIDB Regional Exchange Chengdu Station (pailixiang.com)

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I can’t make it to the overtime this time, I’ll try to participate next time if I have the chance.

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Looking forward to everyone’s sharing.

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TiDB is awesome

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Thank you all for sharing!

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Arrived at the event, it’s very rich with many experts. Everyone is welcome to join :smile:

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On-site, thank you to all the teachers.

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The event is great and definitely worth participating in.

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Unfortunately, I have to work overtime temporarily and can’t attend the event in person.

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Professor Pu explained it really well.

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Thank you for sharing.

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To be frank, I’m here for the lottery :yum:

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Thank you very much to all the teachers. I greatly benefited from Mr. Feng’s sharing.
Having a comprehensive understanding of TiDB’s functional positioning and the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of distributed databases will help in making decisions for future transformation and selection.

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After attending the TiDB database sharing conference, I gained a lot. This conference gave me a deeper understanding of TiDB.

Experts at the conference introduced issues related to TiDB’s performance, architecture, and use cases. They shared their experiences in using TiDB, including how to optimize query performance and manage large-scale data. This content was very valuable to me, not only broadening my horizons but also providing valuable references for my future work.

Additionally, I had in-depth exchanges with some peers. We shared the problems and solutions we encountered while using databases and discussed future trends in database technology. This exchange made me realize even more profoundly that learning is endless, and only by continuously enriching oneself can one keep up with the times.

Overall, this TiDB database sharing conference brought me a lot of gains and strengthened my determination to delve deeper into the field of databases. I believe that in my future work, I will apply these valuable experiences and knowledge to practice, contributing to the development of the company.

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The explanation is very clear and easy to understand (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Where will the next event be held?

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You can use TiDB instead of MySQL.

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Welcome to keep following the forum~

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Study + Lottery

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Since using TiDB, I’ve been sleeping better at night.