[Collaboration Community Recommendation & OSCHINA] 2022 China Open Source Developer Survey Questionnaire

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Original topic: 【合作社区推荐 & OSCHINA】2022 中国开源开发者调查问卷

| username: TiDB社区小助手

As 2022 is coming to an end, the annual “Annual Open Source Developer Report” work has officially started.

This year, in addition to data analysis, industry observation, and institutional research, the OSCHINA open source community has also added a questionnaire format. The OSCHINA open source community will analyze these results and use them as an important support for the annual open source developer report. Those directly involved in open source have the most original perception of the open source ecosystem, so the OSCHINA open source community initiated this questionnaire, hoping to reflect a more authentic and close-to-reality picture of Chinese open source developers through the questionnaire.

Currently, the “OSCHINA 2022 China Open Source Developer Questionnaire” is open for filling. To thank developers for their serious feedback, a lottery session has been set up at the end of this questionnaire activity. The prizes include almost all peripheral categories of the OSCHINA open source community (click the questionnaire below to view the types of prizes). The OSCHINA open source community looks forward to your feedback!

:tada: First Gift:
At the end of the questionnaire, you can draw exquisite peripheral items~

:tada: Second Gift:
Share the questionnaire now, screenshot it to the beautiful operator Yezi (WeChat zls20201123), and you can participate in the OSCHINA surprise lucky bag activity :gift:

:alarm_clock: Deadline: 14:00, November 4, 2022

Click here to fill out the survey questionnaire