Collecting Partition Statistics for Empty Partition Tables is Very Slow

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Original topic: 空分区表收集分区统计信息很慢

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There is a partitioned table, which is an empty table, but manually collecting statistics for a single partition takes more than 4 minutes, and most of the time is spent on the “merge global stats” step. What could be the reason for this? Is there a way to speed up or skip the global merge step?

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show table XXX regions to see how many regions this table has.

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There are 226 regions.

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In dynamic pruning mode, after analyzing the statistics of a partition, it will read the statistics of other partitions and then calculate the statistics of the partition set as global-level statistics. You can try disabling the dynamic pruning feature by setting @@tidb_partition_prune_mode = 'static'. Test it in your environment, as this will affect the SQL execution plan.

statistics: optimize the global histogram merging algorithm

  1. Remove empty buckets
  2. Introduce a damping factor when calculating bucket NDV
  3. Limit the minimum size of global buckets
  4. Adjust bucket boundaries according to NDV
  5. Disable bucket NDV in global-stats

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Just drop and recreate it. Partition tables can also delete partitions, but space cannot be freed by delete.

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Do not skip, as it is almost the same as not collecting. Skipping or speeding up the merging of global statistics may lead to inaccuracies in the global statistics.

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Is this the cause?

Partition table statistics collection bug, for example, after adding a new partition, the statistics collection did not obtain the metadata of this new partition, resulting in no collection details 6.4.4 TiDB 分区表问题处理 | tidb-in-action

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Be cautious when using analyze table on partitioned tables, set a threshold. At that time, one partition took more than 30 seconds.

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Disabling dynamic partition pruning is definitely not appropriate. Originally, partitions were cleaned using the truncate method, but I changed it to the drop method. After reducing the number of partitions to a lower count, the speed of merging global stats has significantly increased.

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Well, I didn’t skip it, I changed it to delete empty partitions.

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