Collecting statistics under dynamic partition pruning takes a long time and hangs during the globalstats merge

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Original topic: 动态分区裁剪下收集统计信息在做globalstats合并的时候,耗时很久未完成,hang住了

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SQL Error: disable dynamic pruning due to t gm lon cont has no global stats

Then collect statistics: ANALYZE table ###;

It took a long time and did not complete, observed show analyze status;
Suspected to be hanging

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Try increasing this: 系统变量 | PingCAP 文档中心

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The default value is 1. Generally, what size is appropriate to adjust it to?

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set session tidb_build_stats_concurrency=30;
set session tidb_distsql_scan_concurrency=30;
set session tidb_index_serial_scan_concurrency=2;
Try increasing these as well ANALYZE TABLE execution time depending on number of partitions · Issue #35142 · pingcap/tidb · GitHub This is the related issue.

How much is the default configuration? I recommend testing it yourself as I don’t have the environment here. Keep an eye on this issue and wait for further optimizations.

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