Community Collaboration Event [Invitation] May 18 | PowerData Digital Economy · Shanghai Open Source Tour!

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Original topic: 合作社区活动 【邀请函】5月18 | PowerData 数字经济·上海开源行!

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Event Introduction

The bustling city of Shanghai, where opportunities converge. As the most economically developed city in the country, Shanghai thrives on the support of various industries. The real economy, finance, and the internet all play crucial roles, and behind it all is the support of countless data.

To help data professionals go further and more steadily on the path of data, PowerData will host an offline open-source sharing event themed “Digital Economy - City Open Source Tour” in the blooming spring of Shanghai on May 18th.

PowerData extends a hero invitation to like-minded friends in the data community to participate, discuss technology, improve oneself, and make friends, walking the path of data together and building a data-driven life.

Event Information

:date: Event Time: May 18, 2024, 13:30-17:30

:round_pushpin: Event Location: 26th Floor, Amazon, T2 Office Building, Raffles City Changning, 1189 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai

:metro: Metro Route: Zhongshan Park Station, Line 2, Exit 3

:bus: Nearby Bus Stops: Changning Road Zhongshan West Road (Bus Stop), Zhongshan Park (Bus Stop), Kaixuan Road Wuyi Road (Bus Stop)

:gift: Event Peripherals: Exquisite peripherals from organizations such as PowerData, SelectDB, White Whale Open Source, CSDN, Pulsar, IoTDB, and Mechanical Industry Press, including books, phone stands, T-shirts, canvas bags, keychains, masks, etc. Participate in on-site Q&A, lightning talks, and interactive exchanges to receive them.

Online Live Broadcast

The “PowerData Digital Economy - Shanghai City Tour” event will be live-streamed online, welcome to make a reservation.

Scan to Register

Welcome to scan the QR code below to register. After registration, volunteers will invite you to join the Shanghai event group and send you your exclusive invitation letter.

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