[Community Collaboration Event Recommendation] Registration for the 13th PostgreSQL China Technical Conference is Now Open

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In July, Hangzhou, in the midst of summer, this city that blends classical and modern elements will host the annual PostgreSQL Technology Conference. As a grand event for global database enthusiasts, this year’s conference adds a touch of technology to this elegant city.

With the passage of time, the PostgreSQL Chinese Community, with the enthusiastic support and hard work of many PG technology enthusiasts, has undergone several transformations, evolving from a relatively unknown entity in the domestic database field to the most iconic PostgreSQL authority gathering place in the Chinese-speaking region.

Over the past decade, the PostgreSQL Chinese Community has always adhered to its original intention and mission, committed to public welfare, and continuously promoted the development of PostgreSQL in China. Community members actively build the PostgreSQL technology ecosystem, strive to enhance PostgreSQL’s reputation and influence in China, and have made important contributions to the continuous prosperity of China’s database foundational software.

This conference, themed “Focusing on Cloud Innovation, Gathering Wisdom for Sharing,” aims to bring together industry elites to discuss development trends, technological innovations, and practical experiences in the database field. The conference will be held from July 12 to July 13, 2024. In addition to the main venue, there will be 9 special sub-venues covering topics such as future database development trends, technological breakthroughs, best practices, and ecosystem cooperation. At that time, a large number of industry leaders, academic elites, technical experts, and technology enthusiasts will gather to share their latest research results and practical experiences in the database field. This will be a rare industry event, bringing new development opportunities to database practitioners, related enterprises, and the entire IT industry.

We sincerely look forward to the enthusiastic participation of database practitioners, corporate representatives, and all those interested in database technology to witness the development and growth of PostgreSQL in China and jointly promote the continuous prosperity of China’s database foundational software.

Conference Time:

July 12, 2024 ~ July 13, 2024

Conference Venue:

Hangzhou Junshang Yunli Hotel
1188 Linjiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Conference Format

Main venue on the morning of July 12, 2024 (offline)
Sub-venues from the afternoon of July 12, 2024, to July 13, 2024 (offline)

Conference Registration

(Scan the QR code to register)

Conference Theme Introduction

This conference, themed “Focusing on Cloud Innovation, Gathering Wisdom for Sharing,” features 1 main venue + 9 sub-venues, bringing together top technical experts from the PG field.

01: PolarDB and PostgreSQL: The Future of Cloud-Native Solutions

02: PostgreSQL in the Wave of Localization: Local Development and Practice

03: AI and PostgreSQL: Vector Plugins and Intelligent Data Processing

04: Industry Applications: Applications and Innovative Solutions of PostgreSQL in Various Fields

05: Database Kernel Innovation: PostgreSQL Derivative Products Growing from the Root

06: Big Data: Best Practices and Innovative Solutions in the Era of Big Data

07: Spatiotemporal Multimodal: Applications and Optimization of PostgreSQL in Spatiotemporal Multimodal Scenarios

08: Data Security: Financial-Grade Data Security and Reliability Solutions of PostgreSQL

09: Open Source Ecosystem and Community: Promoting Continuous Innovation of PostgreSQL

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