[Community Recommendation] Call for Speakers for COSCon'22

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The annual China Open Source Conference (COSCon) is coming again. Dear new and old friends, we are about to meet again! This year, on October 15-16, which also marks the 8th anniversary of the founding of KAIYUANSHE, we will hold the 7th China Open Source Conference (COSCon’22).

This year, our theme is “Open the World,” because we aim to combat Close with Open, Broken with Connection, and Bad News with Public Good. We hope to heal the world with open-source technology, open-source methods, and open-source power.

Due to the pandemic, we will continue with the 1+N model from 2021, which includes one main online sharing venue and N local gatherings in various cities. Each speaker can pre-record their presentation video and submit it to the conference. They can also attend the local open-source gatherings in their respective cities.

The conference will still last for two days over the weekend. Our planned forum topics include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, open-source education, open-source culture, open-source governance, open-source hardware, open-source operating systems, women’s forums, open-source public welfare, open-source business, web application development, and lightning talks.

As always, COSCon’22 is seeking various talks related to freedom/open source. We welcome experts from all fields to register through the speaker recruitment link before September 1. After community review, the complete agenda is scheduled to be announced in late September. This is a conference that advocates openness, and all talks will be recorded and shared with all audiences under the CC BY-SA 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International) license. If your talk cannot be recorded or you do not wish to share it under the aforementioned license terms, please indicate this on the speaker recruitment form.

Important Dates:

Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Complete Agenda Announcement: Late September

Conference Dates: October 15-16

Click the link at the end of the article or copy the following link to fill out the speaker registration form:


Founded in 2014, KAIYUANSHE is composed of individual members who voluntarily contribute to the open-source cause, adhering to the principles of “contribution, consensus, and co-governance.” It maintains vendor neutrality, public welfare, and non-profit characteristics. It is the earliest open-source community consortium with the mission of “open-source governance, international alignment, community development, and open-source projects.” KAIYUANSHE actively collaborates with open-source communities, enterprises, and related units, with the vision of “rooted in China, contributing globally.” It aims to co-create a healthy and sustainable open-source ecosystem and promote the Chinese open-source community as an active participant and contributor to the global open-source system.

In 2017, KAIYUANSHE transformed into an organization entirely composed of individual members, operating under governance models similar to top international open-source foundations like ASF. Over the past seven years, it has connected tens of thousands of open-source enthusiasts, gathered thousands of community members and volunteers, hundreds of speakers from home and abroad, and collaborated with nearly a hundred sponsors, media, and community partners.