Community Recommendation | Homebrew Author Max Howell: How to Create Outstanding Developer Tools

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Original topic: 社区推荐 | Homebrew 作者 Max Howell:如何打造杰出的开发者工具

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This episode of DevData Talks invites Max Howell, the author of Homebrew and CEO of, to discuss developer tools and the open-source community with us.

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More and more excellent To Developer products are coming from the open-source community. In the open-source community, active participation, the connection between product users and community contributors, all accelerate the evolution of developer tools.

At the same time, open source is not a silver bullet. Quite a few projects have stalled for various reasons.

As the most successful package management tool in the macOS ecosystem, what experiences does Homebrew have to share in terms of product thinking and community cultivation? How does Max, the author of Homebrew, understand the current state of open source?

We believe his interesting and sharp insights will provide you with valuable experience and a fresh perspective on open source.

Live Highlights:

  • What did Homebrew do right as the most successful macOS package management tool?
  • What elements should be focused on to create excellent open-source developer tools?
  • What challenges is the open-source model facing?

Online Live Time

Live Time: August 31 (Wednesday)

Live Time: 20:00-21:20

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