Comparison between TiDB and Alibaba Cloud's ADB

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Original topic: tidb和阿里云的adb对比

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Which is better for real-time online data analysis, TiDB’s TiFlash or Alibaba Cloud’s AnalyticDB?

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Since you’re asking here, TiFlash is definitely the better choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Please refer to

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The best answer is—try it yourself.

From my own experience, the MPP mode of TiFlash is very powerful and can easily handle analyses that used to take a long time.

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Analyzing business, it must be TiFlash. I was just amazed yesterday~
The same query took 7 minutes before adding TiFlash, and less than 1 second after adding TiFlash. Isn’t that awesome? :wink:

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Each has its own advantages, choose according to the business scenario.

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Well, I’ve used adb before too. It’s indeed useful, but it’s expensive.

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Based on actual usage, choose the product that suits your project to avoid the hassle of switching later. I am using Alibaba, Huawei, and some private products. Among them, Alibaba’s public cloud is still very stable. There are many advantages, so refer to the official documentation for details. The only drawback of TiDB is its high resource performance requirements and high maintenance threshold, but it is also very stable in the later stages of use.

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Thank you, I will take a closer look.

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Each has its own advantages. TiFlash supports the MPP architecture, which theoretically can improve performance linearly by expanding nodes. Public cloud excels in maintenance as it is handled by the cloud provider, and you can blame the provider if there is downtime. PS: I prefer the Serverless architecture if budget is not an issue. Check out Ti Cloud Serverless, AWS Serverless, and Alibaba Cloud Serverless.

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If you’re asking here, TiDB is definitely good.

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Okay, I’ll take a look later.

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