Configuration of additional_arg in monitoring_servers promethus for different versions of tiup

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Original topic: 不同版本tiup配置monitoring_servers promethus中的additional_arg

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TiUP has been upgraded to the latest v1.15.2 and failed to modify on TiDB 7.1.3:
[tidb@tidbtest bin]$ ./tiup cluster edit-config tidb-test
New topology could not be saved: Failed to parse topology file: yaml: unmarshal errors:
line 134: field additional_args not found in type spec.PrometheusSpec
Do you want to continue editing? [Y/n]: (default=Y) n

It can be successfully modified on TiDB version 8.0:

  • –web.enable-lifecycle

In the documentation for each version, this parameter is sometimes present and sometimes not. It is present in version 7.1, so should it normally be usable?

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As long as the corresponding version is available, it can be used normally.

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I tested it, and just upgrading the tiup version is not enough; you also need to upgrade the tiup component cluster version.
The documentation is not very clear about this.
tiup cluster -v
tiup version 1.15.2 tiup
Go Version: go1.21.10
Git Ref: v1.15.2