Configuring Multiple Synchronization Tasks in a DM 3 Worker Cluster

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Original topic: DM 3 worker集群配置多个同步任务

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My previous understanding was that the number of tasks a DM cluster can configure depends on the number of DM workers, which has been verified by the community. However, during a recent exchange with TiDB officials, they mentioned that it is possible to support a number of tasks greater than the number of workers. Testing revealed that in a cluster with three workers, the upstream could no longer bind to a worker when configuring the fourth task. What did the officials mean by this?

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According to the official documentation, the number of tasks cannot be exceeded. The official documentation should be the standard. It is possible to synchronize multiple upstream data sources to a single target end in a single task. Is this what you mean?

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A worker is bound to a source. A worker can have multiple tasks, but the number of upstream sources for these tasks cannot exceed the number of workers.