Congratulations to Digital China Group for winning the "TiDB Community Best Contribution Enterprise" award

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Original topic: 恭喜神州数码集团,荣获“TiDB 社区最佳贡献企业”

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Congratulations to Digital China Group for Winning the “TiDB Community Best Contribution Enterprise” Award


Certificate of Honor:

On December 28, 2020, Digital China and PingCAP held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing, announcing that the two parties will build Digital China’s own brand of distributed database appliance based on the world’s leading new generation relational database (NewSQL) open-source project TiDB. They will engage in multi-dimensional strategic cooperation in joint products, joint marketing, and joint ecosystem to build a new data infrastructure base with open-source technology, empowering enterprise digital transformation and high-quality industrial development.

Since then, Digital China’s partners have started to join and deeply participate in the community. The “Titanium Alloy Team” is often seen helping others and contributing to the community.

In the past few years, Digital China’s partners have cumulatively registered 90 active members in the community, posted 504 topics, replied to posts 4861 times, obtained 33 PCTA certifications, and 20 PCTP certifications. The number of PRs merged into various TiDB ecosystem products, documents, and e-books exceeds 20+.

Deeply Involved and Managing the Community:

TiDB Community Moderator: @hey-hoho

TiDB Community Moderators are composed of users, developers, Contributors, and partners from the TiDB community, with the authority to participate in the management and operation of the AskTUG forum.

TiDB Community Evangelist Committee: @caiyfc @CuteRay

The TiDB Community Evangelist Committee is responsible for managing columns, reviewing articles, and ensuring that each article is carefully reviewed, feedback is provided, and improvements are made. They are the gatekeepers of high-quality articles in the community and have expanded the articles to various platforms.

TiDB Community Regional Organizer - Wuhan: @hey-hoho

Regional organizers are key forces in leading regional technical exchange activities, connecting the community with technical peers through organizing regional events. Becoming a regional organizer not only earns exclusive community honors but also helps build or cultivate external communication skills, keep up with technological trends, and experience the charm of the open-source community with like-minded tech enthusiasts.

Co-hosted 2 Community Events:

Published Articles: 76

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Evangelist ID Topic Article Link
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Contribution Records of Digital China Group Partners in the Community:

Evangelist ID Number of Articles
@hey-hoho 18
@BraveChen 6
@caiyfc 9
@CuteRay 7
@gary 8
@leeray 6
@Liuhaoao 4
@Ming 6
@pupillord 5
@Soysauce520 2
@天蓝色的小九 1
@Raymond 4
Total 76

Contributing to TiDB Ecosystem Project TiDB for PostgreSQL

TiDB for PostgreSQL is an open-source project launched by Digital China Wuhan Cloud Base, aiming to promote and integrate into the TiDB open-source community. In addition to high availability, horizontal scalability, and cloud-native features, TiDB for PostgreSQL is also compatible with the PostgreSQL protocol.

Developing TiDB for PG Project:

Project Introduction:

Currently, TiDB only supports the MySQL protocol, while many historical systems within Digital China Group use PostgreSQL as the database. With the increasing data, the PostgreSQL database has long become a bottleneck. When we wanted to optimize with a distributed database, there was no choice. Therefore, we thought of reconstructing TiDB based on its source code to make it compatible with PostgreSQL, providing convenience for systems that want to migrate from PostgreSQL to a distributed database, and expanding TiDB’s business scope. Thus, TiDB For PostgreSQL was born.

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Debugging TiDB4PG on Windows - Filling Pits

Implementing a Keyword in TiDB - Parser

Joint Solution

Distributed Database Appliance Solution Based on TiDB and KunTai

TiDB is a new generation distributed relational HTAP database developed by PingCAP, featuring horizontal linear scalability, strong consistency, high availability with fault self-recovery, and true multi-active across data centers. It is suitable for high-concurrency OLTP systems with massive data, high-performance real-time analysis, real-time computing, and other scenarios.

KunTai series servers are Digital China’s new generation data center ARM servers based on Huawei Kunpeng processors, featuring massive storage, high performance, and low power consumption. They are suitable for efficiently accelerating workloads such as big data analysis and software-defined storage. They support multi-core high concurrency, matching the needs of massive data processing, with a 30% performance improvement, and support for hybrid deployment with x86. Built-in hardware acceleration and compression/decompression engines unleash computing potential, reduce TCO, and compression time by 60%, with a 20% improvement in IOPS performance. Through advanced thermal design, they support an extended temperature range of 5~35℃, ensuring stable 7×24-hour operation, providing higher energy efficiency returns for users.

Building a TiDB cluster with strong consistency and high availability on KunTai servers integrates software, computing, storage, and networking, providing enterprises with a pre-configured, finely tuned, ready-to-use integrated system, helping to simplify management and enhance supportability, greatly improving business agility and efficiency.

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