Consultation on Issues with the tidb_restricted_read_only Parameter During Transaction Operations

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Original topic: tidb_restricted_read_only参数对事务操作时问题咨询

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As shown in the blue part of the image:
If an uncommitted transaction has already made data changes, its commit will also be rejected.

Question: If the uncommitted data has already been changed, after the commit is rejected, is it enough for the transaction to roll back normally? Or is other action needed?

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This description indicates what the data was like before and will remain the same.

Before this parameter takes effect, if a transaction is started but not yet committed (at this time the parameter takes effect), the transaction commit will be rejected. I understand that the default transaction has expired (if the transaction expires, the lock will be cleared, and if it is not committed, the latest data will be provided for reading according to the previous state).

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The same as the transaction failure of the business.

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