Cross-Database Access in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb 跨库访问

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【TiDB Usage Environment】TiDB feature research environment
【TiDB Version】V5.4.1
【Encountered Problem】Does TiDB support Oracle’s dblink functionality?
【Reproduction Path】None
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】

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Not supported

| username: ljh_wxy | Original post link

Okay, thank you, expert.

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I saw on Baidu that MySQL supports FEDERATED for cross-database operations. Does TiDB support this?

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In the SHOW ENGINES output, there is only InnoDB, and it does not support FEDERATED, right?

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Not supported, innodb is also a compatible term, not the actual innodb. You can use a compromise method, using DM or CDC to perform real-time synchronization of the required data tables to achieve cross-database operations.

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Indeed, this is a remote table on MySQL. I have used it, but TiDB does not have this feature yet.

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What if I use ODBC to connect?

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Check if this helps:

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:wink: In that case, I have a request that I’m not sure if I should mention~ Hehehe

| username: BraveChen | Original post link

What are the requirements?

| username: BraveChen | Original post link

Please go ahead, expert.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

:wink: The requirement is to implement that MySQL feature, after all, it needs to be compatible with MySQL.

| username: maokl | Original post link

It might be a bit challenging.

| username: BraveChen | Original post link

My thought is that things like stored procedures and custom functions were definitely known and considered in the early stages, and after discussion, it was decided not to implement them. The possibility of adding them later is very small. Additionally, remote tables in MySQL are actually used very rarely within MySQL itself. I think the possibility is even smaller.

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It should not be supported.

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Does TiDB support FEDERATED?

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It is estimated that data interaction with TiDB can only be achieved through PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL has FDW plugins and dblink.

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Cross-database access is not supported, but it can be converted through other means.

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