Data Migration Between TiDB Instances (Tables or Databases)

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Original topic: TiDB之间迁移数据(表或库)

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How to migrate data between TiDB instances, such as migrating large tables or databases from one TiDB instance to another?
Version: TiDB 5.4

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  • Corresponding module logs (including logs from 1 hour before and after the issue)

If the question is related to performance optimization or troubleshooting, please download the script and run it. Please select all and copy-paste the terminal output.

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The official documentation is quite clear, you can refer to it; Migrate Data from TiDB Cluster to Another TiDB Cluster | PingCAP Docs

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If the table or database is not large and there is sufficient downtime, you can consider using Dumpling to export data from the source TiDB and then using Lightning to import it into the target TiDB. If there are many tables or databases, you can use TiCDC to synchronize the specified tables and databases from the upstream TiDB to the downstream TiDB, and then switch the business from the upstream TiDB to the downstream TiDB during the cutover window.

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For databases or tables that are few in number, use Navicat.

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Navicat’s performance is very poor; it can hardly handle large tables.

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In scenarios where the table is large or there are many tables in the database, choose TiCDC.

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That’s right, this way the cutover window won’t be too long.