Data Synchronization

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How can I use CDC to synchronize data from other types of databases into TiDB in real-time?

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Simply put, just search on Baidu for something like: “hive data migration to MySQL.” Methods that work for MySQL are generally suitable for TiDB.

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The production business uses PostgreSQL data, and some functions may not be supported. How should this be handled?

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Convert the PG xx function to MySQL syntax.
Or use AI, any AI tool will do, the accuracy of SQL rewriting is very high.

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Applying your own developed functions?

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Custom configurations would be troublesome; TiDB does not support them.

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There are many things that are not supported. Just the fact that foreign keys are not supported makes it difficult.

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TiDB supports defining foreign keys, but they do not work. This needs to be controlled in the business code.

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Some are just syntax support without actual functionality. It depends on your expected modifications.

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You can take a look at this tool, TurboDX for MySQL, but I’m not quite sure about the custom function part, it still needs to be modified.

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There are many methods to migrate PostgreSQL data to TiDB: datax, navicat, TurboDX for MySQL, TiDB-for-PostgreSQL (GitHub - DigitalChinaOpenSource/TiDB-for-PostgreSQL: PgSQL compatible on distributed database TiDB), etc. Currently, I haven’t seen any methods to achieve real-time synchronization.

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Try CloudCanal.

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Similar to incremental migration tools. Not many, domestically there are DSG, Yingfang, etc.; internationally there is OGG. It seems they are all paid.

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If it’s a public network, you can try Alibaba Cloud’s DTS, or use ETL tools for real-time synchronization.

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Migration basically relies on manual effort.

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:man_technologist: What solution did you end up using? We are migrating from SQL Server to TiDB and also have concerns about migrating functions.

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Has it been resolved, boss?

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Otherwise, it depends on the upstream. If it’s Oracle, use TMS. If it’s MySQL, use DM. If neither works, OGG is suitable for everything.

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