Database Content Loss

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System: Ubuntu 18.04
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I followed the single-node deployment method from the official website and executed the startup command tiup playground.
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However, when I stop it by pressing Ctrl+C and then re-execute tiup playground, all the content in MySQL is cleared.
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Local Quick Deployment of TiDB Cluster | PingCAP Documentation Center

Specify tag when starting the cluster

When the Playground cluster exits from the command line, it will by default clear all cluster data. If you want to start a Playground cluster where the data is not automatically deleted, you need to specify a cluster tag at startup. After specifying, you can find the data of the cluster in the ~/.tiup/data path. The method to specify a tag when starting the cluster is as follows:

tiup playground --tag <tagname>
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Does this tagname need to be created manually?

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Yes, for example:
tiup playground --db 2 --pd 3 --kv 3 --host --tag test2023

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By default, exiting will clear the data. If you want to retain the data, you can follow the method mentioned above. However, it is still recommended to use tiup cluster deploy to deploy a real cluster. tiup playground is generally used for temporary deployments.

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Isn’t it TiDB? MySQL is a system SCHEMA, and it is generally not recommended to operate directly within it.

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When exiting the Playground cluster from the command line, all cluster data will be cleared by default.

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You can test by installing a single-machine simulated cluster, no need for playground.

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TiDB Playground is generally suitable for beginners in databases. If you don’t want the data to be deleted after exiting, add the parameter --tag. It is recommended to set up a single-node hybrid deployment.

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tiup playground is a process-based demonstration database. Once it is terminated, it will be gone. If you want to save it, you need to add --tag.

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Deploy a formal one and take a look.

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By default, it is cleaned up.

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