Deadlock in Batch Data Update

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Original topic: 批量更新数据死锁

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Failed to execute update statement, how to troubleshoot deadlock

unexpected resolve err: commit_ts_expired:<start_ts:443481858696045745 attempted_commit_ts:443481858696070679 key:“t\200\000\000\000\000\000\002j_r\200\000\000\000\003\314Q\264” min_commit_ts:443481864372486146 > , lock: key: 74800000000000026a5f728000000003cc51b4, primary: 74800000000000021d5f698000000000000001013838373434303432ff3039373535303535ff3938000000000000f9, txnStartTS: 443481858696045745, lockForUpdateTS:443481858696054340, minCommitTs:443481864372486146, ttl: 44600, type: Put, UseAsyncCommit: t

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  1. First, you should investigate why locks are appearing. Can you avoid locks through business logic design? If so, that would be best.
  2. Secondly, implement lock control in the business logic code before updating, such as waiting for the lock or setting retries.
  3. Finally, avoid setting too large a data volume for batch updates. This not only easily causes lock issues but also can lead to OOM (Out of Memory). Try to update data with the same primary key in the same batch as much as possible.
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select * from information_schema.data_lock_waits
At that time, I did not see any locks related to this update through the query, and the number of updated data was not very large, about 6k rows. :upside_down_face:

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Logical issues cannot be avoided.

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Checking SQL logic has overwhelmed the database…

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Adjust the order of acquiring locks in the transaction.

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select * from information_schema.data_lock_waits