Default Username and Password for Grafana After DM Installation

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Original topic: dm安装后Grafana 默认账号密码

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Using admin/admin is incorrect

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:thinking: How about trying the operating system account and password?

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What about an empty password?

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Two methods:

  1. Resize and expand the Grafana node.
  2. Enter the Grafana database to reset the password. Reset Lost Admin Password of Grafana Server (CentOS 7) | Is there IT here? Help me! (
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Try directly changing the reset password in the grafana.ini configuration file.

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The username and password in the configuration file are admin/admin, but I just can’t log in. It’s been like this since the first login after installation.

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You can try the method posted by the expert.

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It seems there is no password.

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I remember the username is admin and the password is admin. If you don’t remember the password, you can consider changing it.

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Modify it like this.
Reset Grafana Password_TiDB Grafana Password Reset - CSDN Blog

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The initial username and password should be admin/admin. You will need to change the password after the first login.

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The dashboard does not require a password.

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Access the TiDB Prometheus management interface via (You need to enter the operating system’s user and password here.)
Access the TiDB Dashboard page via, the default username is root and the password is empty.
Access the TiDB Grafana interface via, the default username and password are both admin.

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Try resetting it and see.

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The key issue is that he can’t even log in.

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Some time ago, when upgrading TiDB from V6.1.0 to TiDB V6.5.4, I encountered an issue where the previous Grafana account and password became invalid. I happened to try resetting the Grafana account and password, and you can check the method for resetting the Grafana account and password in the following link. It has been tested and proven effective.