Delete Large Tables in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb删除大表

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TiDB version: 5.0.3
Are there any precautions to take when deleting several large tables around 1TB?

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If it’s a full table deletion, truncate table is very fast.

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Pay attention to backups.

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Calculate the GC time, preferably during off-peak hours.

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Both drop and truncate can be used. Pay attention to whether the downstream is functioning properly and whether the space is being reclaimed.

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If it is a delete, be sure to delete in batches. If it is a truncate or drop, you can delete directly.

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When deleting a large table, in addition to considering whether the GC period is a business peak, you also need to be aware that the deletion of a large table will suddenly create many empty regions. By monitoring PD in Grafana, you will see a significant increase in the empty-region-count in the Region health monitoring item. Empty regions can interfere with PD scheduling, so you need to manually merge empty regions at this time. Therefore, the operation of deleting a large table should be performed during off-peak business hours, and region merge should be done immediately after deletion.

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