Deleting a Database Does Not Reduce Disk Space

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Original topic: 删除数据库,磁盘空间没变少

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】v6.5.1
I deleted dozens of databases, but the disk space did not decrease. What could be the problem?

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The default GC time is ten minutes. You can check it again later.

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You need to wait for a while.

After deleting data in TiDB, the kv segments to be cleaned are first written into mysql.gc_delete_range, which contains a ts recording the timestamp of the deletion.
Then, it checks once every @@tidb_gc_run_interval. If the current cluster’s min(minStartTs, now) + @@tidb_gc_life_time > ts, it will actually clean up.
So the data might not be cleaned up due to:

  1. @@tidb_gc_run_interval hasn’t reached yet, and the cleanup logic hasn’t started.
  2. @@tidb_gc_life_time hasn’t passed yet, so the data is still alive.
  3. There is an ongoing txn that is blocking the calculation of min(minStartTs, now).

You can specifically search for “[gc worker]” in the TiDB log (only one TiDB will become the gc leader, so you might need to check around).

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I have already deleted it several days ago.

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Will this have an impact?

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select * from mysql.tidb to check the progress of GC

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The image you provided is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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Excluding issues with TiDB itself, it is possible that disk space has not been released. Try using lsof | grep deleted.

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The Principles and Common Issues of GC in TiKV Component

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Is there a way to check for invalid regions?

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In the PD monitoring panel, there are empty regions.
There are no invalid regions.

All regions are connected sequentially. It only means that the data in the middle of this range has been completely deleted, making this region empty. It does not mean that this range has disappeared.

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Check the number of empty regions in Grafana, it should release a lot.

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Check the PD scheduling to see if the region merging is slow.

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It should be related to RocksDB’s compaction.

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Manual compaction can be triggered.