Description of inventory.ini variables

Variable Description
cluster_name the name of a cluster, adjustable
tidb_version the version of TiDB
deployment_method the method of deployment, binary by default, Docker optional
process_supervision the supervision way of processes, systemd by default, supervise optional
timezone the timezone of the managed node, adjustable, Asia/Shanghai by default, used with the set_timezone variable
set_timezone to edit the timezone of the managed node, True by default; False means closing
enable_elk currently not supported
enable_firewalld to enable the firewall, closed by default
enable_ntpd to monitor the NTP service of the managed node, True by default; do not close it
machine_benchmark to monitor the disk IOPS of the managed node, True by default; do not close it
set_hostname to edit the hostname of the managed node based on the IP, False by default
enable_binlog whether to deploy Pump and enable the binlog, False by default, dependent on the Kafka cluster; see the zookeeper_addrs variable
zookeeper_addrs the ZooKeeper address of the binlog Kafka cluster
enable_slow_query_log to record the slow query log of TiDB into a single file: ({{ deploy_dir }}/log/tidb_slow_query.log). False by default, to record it into the TiDB log
deploy_without_tidb the Key-Value mode, deploy only PD, TiKV and the monitoring service, not TiDB; set the IP of the tidb_servers host group to null in the inventory.ini file