[⏰ Devcon 2022 Ongoing] What Exciting Topic Shares Will the TiDB Community Bring Us?

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Original topic: :alarm_clock: Devcon 2022 进行时】 社区 TiDBer 将会给我们带来哪些精彩的主题分享呢?

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Let’s take a look at which community TiDBers participated in Devcon 2022!

@wink Yao Wei, Head of Global Community Ecosystem at PingCAP

Yao Wei, Head of Global Community Ecosystem at PingCAP, was responsible for open-source MySQL middleware Atlas and MySQL packet sniffer MySQL-sniffer in the infrastructure team at Qihoo 360 before joining PingCAP. He also started a business in 2012 to develop an Android push system called Jutui.

Presentation Topic: Community Annual Summary

Presentation Overview

Reviewing the community in 2022, various community stories are vivid, including the busy figures of moderators, evangelist committee members, and regional organizers. Taking this opportunity to review the community, we will also introduce several important community members and connect with some community members to discuss the future direction of the community.

@Lao Fang, Fang Xiaole (Debate Host), Senior Technical Director at PingCAP

Database expert, architect, initiator of the TUG community, Senior Technical Director at PingCAP, and head of the Global Solutions Architect team. Previously worked at Meituan, Baidu, and Sogou.

Debate Topic: Future Data Applications and Architecture, Database and Big Data, Separation or Integration?

Host: Fang Xiaole
Observers: Liu Song
Team Leaders: Xu Lijia, Team Members: Hou Shengwen / Wu Bingxi / Zhou Xuan VS Team Leader: Pan Juan, Team Members: Guo Wei / Guan Shengliang / Shen Yang

Presentation Overview

Currently, we are in a wave of data technology innovation. Facing the future data architecture, we can’t help but explore how traditional database technology and big data technology will evolve. Will the two technologies move towards more integration or separation? How will data technology entrepreneurs and practitioners respond to the new technological storm?

@Data Xiaohei, Zhang Tian, Inspur Software / Data Architect

Senior Data Architect at Inspur Group, with 15 years of experience in data system planning, technical architecture design, and data environment operation and maintenance management for over 5 years. Focused on using open-source technology to complete the full lifecycle management of data. TiDB community Contributor, Senior Contributor, 2022 MOA, TiDB community moderator.

Presentation Topic: The Advanced Path from MyCat to TiDB

Presentation Overview

Traditional industries are still struggling with the data architecture of sharding. We have used MyCat for many years and encountered many difficult problems. In the process of using TiDB, we gradually found the answers. In this sharing, we will choose a few typical problems to introduce the advanced path from MyCat to TiDB.

@Boomballa, Song Peng, Senior Database Expert at NetEase

Senior Database Expert at NetEase, mainly responsible for MySQL, Redis, and distributed database-related work in the NetEase Media and Lingxi Business Unit. Dedicated to resource optimization, cost control, and relational database architecture. Currently, to solve the pain points of business using distributed databases, introduced NewSQL TiDB and conducted a series of attempts and implementations, while also conducting related tests and feasibility attempts in multi-data center deployment of databases.

Presentation Topic: The Growth Path of TiDB in NetEase Media

Presentation Overview

With the development and growth of the business, the data volume has increased year by year. Initially, the internal self-developed DDB distributed database sharding solution was used to replace MySQL to meet business needs. However, with the increase in the number of clusters, problems such as high complexity of business use, difficulty in expansion, and high operation and maintenance costs gradually emerged. Through research and testing, TiDB was finally selected to carry some new business database services and the transformation and transition of some old businesses from DDB to the new database. With the iteration of new versions of TiDB and the optimization and convenience adjustments made by new features, further attempts will be made in the future in terms of multi-data center deployment of clusters and remote redundancy of databases.

@chnage, Xiao Shangwu, Senior Database Expert at WPS

Senior Database Expert at WPS, with 8+ years of database experience in WPS Cloud Platform DBA, specializing in high-availability architecture design, performance optimization, and fault diagnosis, passionate about open-source technology. Currently responsible for the maintenance of MySQL and TiDB databases on the WPS cloud platform, with rich experience in the construction of multi-data centers in two locations.

Presentation Topic: TiDB Application Practice in WPS

Presentation Overview

With the rapid iteration of TiDB and the continuous improvement of stability, the scenarios where WPS uses TiDB are also increasing. In the rapid development of business and linear growth of data volume, the original MySQL database encountered single-machine capacity or performance bottlenecks. TiDB is a very good choice without wanting to shard or use database middleware that constrains the business. In the future, we will continue to focus on how to better use TiDB to empower the business and support the stable operation of massive data.

@Huang Wei_webank, Huang Wei, Senior Database Architect at WeBank

Joined Tencent Interactive Entertainment Operations Department in 2011, responsible for the database operation and maintenance of League of Legends; joined WeBank in 2015 as a Senior DB Architect, currently mainly responsible for NEWSQL business access, operation and maintenance guarantee, ecosystem construction, and overall planning.

Presentation Topic: WeBank TiDB HTAP and Automated Operation and Maintenance Practice

Presentation Overview

In the context of increasing business demands for near-real-time data analysis to understand customer behavior and explore potential data value, the WeBank database team has tried, explored, and practiced HTAP technology. This sharing will introduce the practice experience of HTAP technology in scenarios such as microservice distributed link tracking and service governance, digital operation analysis, including HTAP’s technical characteristics, scenario definition, and practice experience based on TiDB TiFlash.

@Faith in the Air, Liu Qiang, Senior Database Expert at Zuoyebang

Senior Database Expert at Zuoyebang, mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of TiDB, MySQL, Redis, and other systems at Zuoyebang, and the development of the database management platform. The current focus is on cooperating with business departments for TiDB demand testing and solutions.

Presentation Topic: The Evolution Path of TiDB in Zuoyebang

Presentation Overview

In 2020, Zuoyebang entered a stage of explosive business growth. Diverse business needs and rapid data growth brought great challenges to relational storage. Problems such as single-machine storage bottlenecks, resource isolation issues, and performance bottlenecks hindered the rapid growth of the business. The introduction of TiDB not only effectively solved the above problems, but the high compression ratio of TiKV also had certain advantages in cost savings. As the R&D team gradually understood TiDB, the business actively tried to migrate suitable scenarios or land new businesses, greatly improving business efficiency and providing more choices for the business team’s storage selection. The current projects include more than 20 clusters such as the company’s internal unified report platform query service and the R&D unified offline manual query portal. In the future, Zuoyebang will explore the architecture of TiDB’s local three-data center.

@TiDBer_G3IME7Ru, Zhang Xingyu, CIO of Hard City

2022 Nanshan District Outstanding Engineer in Shenzhen, with more than 14 years of ICT experience and more than 10 years of CTO, CIO, and VP technical management experience. Good at enterprise digital planning, architecture, solutions to implementation, long-term participation in enterprise IPD, ISC, L2C, IFS transformation project implementation, familiar with common enterprise architecture frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachman, built a cloud-native MES, ERP adapted to Xinchuang, and promoted its application in the industry. Proficient in multiple programming languages and databases, with rich experience in database development and performance tuning, and a technical blogger with over a million clicks.

Presentation Topic: How to Seize the Dividends and Opportunities of the Digital Economy

Presentation Overview

Based on the TiDB distributed database architecture, an electronic industry supply chain and intelligent manufacturing industry standardized database centered on BOM was established. Upgrading from MySQL to TiDB met the industry’s needs for massive, high concurrency, real-time, data analysis-driven business, including over 10 billion+ spot inventory data, 12.95 million+ product library data, and 45 million+ SKU data. Through the cloud-native SaaS system, the brand, category, and parameters of chip components are standardized, realizing the end-to-end connection from research, production, supply, sales, and service, creating a collaborative intelligent manufacturing platform for the flexible supply chain and flexible production of electronic manufacturing.

@Love to Talk Xiaohui, Zhang Xiaohui, Data Architect at MOKA

Mainly responsible for the architecture design of MOKA BI and the performance optimization of components such as Hadoop, Kafka, and TiDB. The current focus is on using TiDB’s HTAP features to build a data warehouse, shorten the data link, reduce data redundancy storage, and ultimately form an integrated full-stack data warehouse solution. Landing and daily operation and maintenance in the later stage, and using TiDB’s high scalability and Tiflash’s columnar storage features to improve the company’s database architecture.

Presentation Topic: TiDB Application in MOKA BI Scenarios

Presentation Overview

With the development of MOKA’s business, the BI team encountered multiple problems such as rapid data growth and performance bottlenecks in real-time modeling. After extensive research and selection, TiDB was finally chosen to carry MOKA BI’s real-time modeling and storage tasks, significantly improving stability and timeliness. In the future, MOKA BI plans to use TiDB to build an integrated full-stack data warehouse.

@TiDBer_sean, Lü Shang, Database Team Cloud Database Architecture and Development Engineer at Jianxin Jinke

Lü Shang joined Jianxin Jinke in March 2022 as a database engineer in the Basic Technology Center. Responsible for database design review, external project training, and tool development.

Presentation Topic: Application of TiDB Containerization in the Financial Industry

Presentation Overview

Introducing the specific solution of TiDB combined with K8S for database containerization deployment, as well as the performance test situation and demand outlook of financial business operation.

@iris, Xu Ting, Database Architect at Yunsheng Haihong Retail System

Engaged in database-related work for nearly 8 years, with rich experience in MySQL, TiDB, distributed middleware, and public cloud databases such as Aliyun, AWS, and Azure. Database architect of Yunhai Retail System, deep user of TiDB.

Presentation Topic: Application of TiDB in Yunhai Retail System

Presentation Overview

In the past 10 years, with the wave of industry digitalization, IT systems have undergone multiple iterations. The introduction of TiDB helped us successfully solve the problems of data growth, fine-grained operation, and expansion difficulties, slow analysis, and achieved business early warning, truly using data to support decision-making.

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