Differences in dm secondsBehindMaster Values

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Original topic: dm secondsBehindMaster数值有差异

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] DM version v5.4.0
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I saw similar issues in other posts with version 6.5 as well.

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Is the recent TPS 0? Is the downstream TiDB of DM under high load?

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High, high for a period of time.

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In the scenario shown in the screenshot, it is indeed the case that some binlogs have not yet been executed, and replication delay is quite normal. The strange thing is that the TPS is 0, meaning that there has been no successful write. I estimate that it is most likely not an issue with DM, but rather that the downstream TiDB has a high load, leading to a decrease in write speed.

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I had this problem a few days ago as well.

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I resolved it by using stop-task xxxx; start-task xxx;.

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