Different BackupTS for Backup and Restore in BR?

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Original topic: br中备份和恢复的BackupTS不一样?

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Version: v5.3.0

The backup ts in br is as follows: backupts=440077043423772674

The ts of the successful recovery is as follows: backupts=440083118942584833

The two ts are inconsistent? If using ticdc for incremental synchronization, which ts should be used?

Why are the two ts different?

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For example:
When backing up, it is at one point in time.
When restoring, it is at another point in time.
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Although the data might be the same, the time has changed. When using CDC, you need to choose a new starting point in time.

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One more thing to note is that the effective time for incremental backup of ts seems to be 15 minutes. If this time is exceeded, a time verification failure issue will be reported. If you don’t do incremental backups, there will be no problem.