DM 6.1 Synchronization Reports "Invalid Connection"

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Original topic: dm6.1同步报“invalid connection”

| username: tuyi锅子

【TiDB Usage Environment】Production
【TiDB Version】6.1.0
【Encountered Issues】
Syncing from MySQL to TiDB via DM

  1. Due to the need to sync 2 more tables, after modifying the task.yaml file, stopping the task, and then restarting the task, I found that the tables were not synced.
  2. After discovering the tables were not synced, I deleted the synced tables in TiDB, modified the task.yaml to create a new task, but the check-task reported an error, as shown in the image.

Using the root user didn’t work, modifying max_connections didn’t work, and using the username and password in task_yaml didn’t work either.

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Invalid connections are not an issue with the username and password. Generally, it happens when the connection is interrupted for various reasons while reading SQL (common reasons include timeout disconnections, network issues, etc.). Could you please share the master log for us to take a look?

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  1. Since I need to synchronize 2 more tables, after modifying the task.yaml file, I stopped the task and then restarted it, but found that it didn’t synchronize.
    I guess you didn’t use --remove-meta when you restarted the task, right? Try adding it?
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Found the reason, it’s an issue with the upstream data source. The upstream has been in a state of waiting for a metadata lock. :joy:

| username: tuyi锅子 | Original post link

The direction of finding the problem was wrong. I always thought the issue was with the segment from DM to downstream TiDB, but it turned out to be an upstream issue.

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