DM did not start the worker

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Original topic: dm没有启动worker

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| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

The configuration file is used to change the database name from xms to xms62 during the import process.

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The second picture is unclear.

| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

********* Task Information Configuration *********

name: dm62 # Task name, must be globally unique
task-mode: all

******** Data Source Configuration **********


  • source-id: “mysql-62” # Migrate data from data source with source-id = mysql-replica-01
    block-allow-list: “bw-rule-1”
    filter-rules: [“filter-rule-1”]
    route-rules: [“route-rule-1”]

******** Target TiDB Configuration **********

target-database: # Target TiDB configuration
host: “”
port: 4000
user: “zkjt”
password: “0yohIwDApewdm32c4vdPokDkVGqtuf1RzU6n/A6Y=” # If the password is not empty, it is recommended to use the encrypted ciphertext through dmctl

do-dbs: [“xms”]
- db-name: “xms”
tbl-name: “*”

schema-pattern: “xms”
events: [“truncate table”,“drop table”]
action: Ignore

schema-pattern: “xms”
table-pattern: “"
target-schema: “xms62”
target-table: "

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tiup dm display <dm-cluster-name>

Check the result.
I feel that when you deployed the DM cluster, either you didn’t deploy the dm-worker nodes, or all the existing dm-workers are bound to data sources and there are no free dm-workers available for binding. You need to scale out the dm-worker nodes.

| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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You need to create a source and then start the task.

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You should check the logs of the dm-master node. The screenshot you posted doesn’t show any errors at all.

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How to determine it.

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dm-master.log (53.7 KB)

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The permissions are not set correctly.
lack of REPLICATION CLIENT privilege;
lack of Select privilege: {INFORMATION_SCHEMA};
lack of RELOAD privilege;

The error is due to these 3 permissions.

You should check the actual permissions used against the documentation, as there might be some missing.

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“lack of REPLICATION CLIENT privilege;”] Feels like a user privilege issue.

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There is no response when starting. Are there any restrictions on using DM? I checked the documentation:

  • MySQL version 5.5 ~ 5.7
    If the upstream MySQL/MariaDB servers form a master-slave replication structure, the MySQL version needs to be higher than 5.7.1 or the MariaDB version needs to be equal to or higher than 10.1.3.
    The current database versions in use are all 5.7.35 and above.

Are there any other restrictions?