DM: Does it support multiple DM tasks to synchronize data to different tables in the same downstream database?

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Original topic: DM:是否支持多个DM任务,同步数据到下游的同一个库的不同表?

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Does it support such scenarios?

Scenario 1:
There are 10 tables in the upstream database. I start two DM tasks: one task synchronizes 6 tables to the downstream TiDB database, and the other task synchronizes 4 tables to the downstream TiDB database.

The downstream database synchronized by the two tasks is the same.

Scenario 2:
There are 10 tables in the upstream database. I start one task to synchronize 5 tables to the TiDB database [tidb_user]. At this point, there is a new requirement to [add] one more table.
What methods do I have to synchronize this one table’s data to [tidb_user]?
Should I create a new task? Or resynchronize all 6 tables? Or modify the original task to add the 6th table?

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  1. It should be supported.
  2. Data Migration 常见问题 | PingCAP 文档中心
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For scenario 2, if there is a regex and the newly added table matches the regex, it can be directly synchronized to the downstream. If not, it is better to create a new task. Do not directly modify the original task; it is recommended to create a new task.

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