DM - Downstream table field missing, causing insert failure. Manually added downstream table field, but it is not recognized

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Original topic: DM- 下游表字段缺失,导致insert失败。 手动增加了下游表字段,但是无法识别。

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[Problem Encountered] During the DM synchronization process, an [additional] field was added to the upstream table, but the alter statement was [missing] downstream. This caused the insert statement to not match the downstream structure (missing a field).

Action: I manually added this field to the downstream table to keep it consistent with the upstream.

Issue: Restarting the task still results in the same error. I suspect that the new table structure hasn’t been loaded into DM.
How to handle this???

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Handling Failed DDL Statements | PingCAP Docs

You can refer to this document for specific handling methods.

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Please post the error message.