Dmctl Data Migration Error

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Original topic: dmctl 迁移数据报错

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Testing Environment
【TiDB Version】v5.4.1
【Encountered Issue】Using DM for data migration to TiDB, an error keeps occurring when starting the task, indicating that the binlog cannot be found. The binlog being synchronized is the one previously configured in the task. How can I make it synchronize the binlog configured in the current task?
【Reproduction Path】
【Issue Phenomenon and Impact】
【Attachment】Execute tiup dmctl --master-addr ${advertise-addr} start-task task.yaml

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You can use the --remove-meta parameter to remove previously saved checkpoints.

If there are many upstreams, you can also use start-time in conjunction with safe-mode, which is simpler and has a higher priority than the saved checkpoint.

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start-time is only available in v6.1

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When did you configure this? Binlog log files have size and time thresholds, and they will be deleted if exceeded.

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