Do the database and table names need to be the same for drainer to synchronize upstream and downstream databases?

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Original topic: drainer同步上下游数据库库名及表名必须相同吗?

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Does the database name and table name for the drainer synchronization between the upstream and downstream databases need to be the same?

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I remember there seems to be a route configuration :thinking:

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It should be the same. Just think of it as MySQL master-slave replication.

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Based on binlog, the table names must be the same.

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Is it possible to synchronize table1 from the source database db1 to table1 in the target database db2? The database names are different, but the table names are the same.

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Can the upstream and downstream database names and table names be different?

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The names of upstream and downstream tables need to be consistent; they cannot be different.

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According to the official documentation, drainer does not have the remap function and can only be consistent upstream and downstream.

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I guess I remembered it wrong…