Documentation - DM Migration Module, is the screenshot content a documentation bug?

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Original topic: 文档-DM迁移模块,截图内容是不是文档bug啊?

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[TiDB Version] v8.1
[Impact of the Bug]
Should it be query-status resume-task ${task-name} or query-status ${task-name}?
[Possible Steps to Reproduce the Issue]

[Observed Unexpected Behavior]
After resuming the data migration task, when querying the task to confirm if it is normal, why does query-status resume-task ${task-name} need to add resume-task after query-status?
[Expected Behavior]
query-status ${task-name}
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There is an issue with the documentation; the “resume-task” after “query-status” needs to be removed.
Further feedback will be provided for modifications.