Documentation on slow log parameters not updated in a timely manner after v6.1

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Original topic: v6.1后的文档关于慢日志参数未及时更新

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The documentation for version 6.5 mentions that the enable-slow-log parameter has been changed to tidb_enable_slow_log starting from v6.1.0:

  • Before v6.1.0, this feature was set using the enable-slow-log configuration item.

The article on modifying TiDB configurations online has not been updated from v6.1 to the latest dev version and still uses the old variables.

The configuration items that support online modification and the corresponding TiDB system variables are as follows:

Configuration Item Corresponding Variable Description
log.enable-slow-log tidb_enable_slow_log Slow log switch
log.slow-threshold tidb_slow_log_threshold Slow log threshold
log.expensive-threshold tidb_expensive_query_time_threshold Expensive query threshold

In fact, it should be changed to:
log.enable-slow-log should be: instance.tidb_enable_slow_log
log.slow-threshold should be: instance.tidb_slow_log_threshold
log.expensive-threshold should be: instance.tidb_expensive_query_time_threshold

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Feedback has been provided. I will update you as progress is made.

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It will be fixed in

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Added a comment *: modify some deprecated configuration items by CbcWestwolf · Pull Request #14481 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

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