Does ALTER TABLE not support merging?

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Original topic: alter table 不支持合并吗?

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When using alter table to add or delete indexes, an error occurs when an alter contains multiple drops or adds, and it can only be split into multiple alters.
Version: tidb5.4.0

alter table vfs_directory drop index idx_root_id, drop index idx_parent_id, algorithm=instant

8200 - Unsupported multi schema change

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Support starts from version 6.2

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Currently not supported

MySQL Compatibility

The ALTER TABLE syntax in TiDB has the following limitations:

  • Multiple changes in a single ALTER TABLE statement are not supported.
  • Changes of the Reorg-Data type on primary key columns are not supported.
  • Column type changes on partitioned tables are not supported.
  • Column type changes on generated columns are not supported.
  • Changes of certain data types (e.g., some time types, Bit, Set, Enum, JSON, etc.) are not supported due to compatibility issues between the CAST function in TiDB and MySQL.
  • Spatial data types are not supported.
  • ALTER TABLE t CACHE | NOCACHE is not standard MySQL syntax but a TiDB extension feature. Refer to Cached Tables.
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This is supported starting from version 5.2.

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You can actually test it. It is only supported starting from the 6.2 release that was published yesterday.

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Older versions do not support multiple combinations for DDL.

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Okay, thank you. I just saw it on the official account today. I’ll upgrade it later.

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Support for merging DDLs started from version 6.2.

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Compatibility is continuously improving.

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Starting from version 6.2, TiDB continues to improve and advance.

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Starting from version 6.2, it is supported by default. In version 5.4, you need to manually enable the option.

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Which option parameter is 5.4?

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